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The schedule for teams in grades 1-4 will be similar to last year. However, there will be substantial changes to the 5th grade and up baseball and softball programs this year. The season will be broken into two parts. The first half of the season will proceed as normal within the West County CYC district up through the week before Memorial Day. In the second half of the season, teams from all districts (not just West County) will be placed into one of three levels of play: Red, White, and Blue based on the teams’ records from the first half of the season. A new schedule based will then be scheduled for each of the three levels. All three levels of play will have a smaller Archdiocesan playoff in early July.
We will also be offering a training program for Pre-K/K aged children that will focus more on teaching fundamental skills rather than playing full games. These sessions will be scheduled on the same day and time every week (most likely Saturday mornings). This program will be run in-house; that is, only within SJB. The fee for this program will be $80, which will include a t-shirt that the players may keep.

5th grade and up teams will have two part season
Normal in-district first half

Inter-district play second half

Archdiocesan playoff early July

Registration will be open until 3/7 (3/30 for training program)

Eligible players must satisfy ONE of the following:

Reside within the SJB parish

Attend PSR at SJB

Registered member of the SJB parish

Fees are as follows:

Baseball/Softball: $120

Pre-K/K Training Program: $80

$15 discount for each additional sibling

A separate, refundable $25 deposit will be needed for each player when uniforms are issued

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