SJB Athletic Association Board Opening

In order to maintain and improve our program we are looking to fill the position of Basketball Commissioner on our board. Responsiblities include attending CYC meetings, scheduling referees for the games, online player registrations, assigning teams and other various tasks. As compensation for your time, your children will be eligible to play all St. John Bosco sports at no cost. Contact us for more information.

St. John Bosco has a wonderful tradition of athletics.   Hundreds of kids participate yearly in sports such as Soccer, Basketball, Baseball, Softball and T-Ball.  We couldn’t do it without the men and women who give their time and talent becoming members of our Athletic Board.  The St. John Bosco Athletic Association is made up of volunteers that coordinate the teams and facilities for our kids to participate in the CYC sports program. These are the people who work behind the scenes to make sure that teams are formed, fees are collected and paid, our gym is cleaned, the fields are lined and our kids have the proper equipment and uniforms.  We get together several times a year for a meeting and review the status of our program.

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